Fauquier Aero Recreation Modelers

Bealeton, Virginia

AMA Club #1654

An AMA 'Gold Leader' Radio Control Flying Club

FARM Field

The next Club Meeting will be held on February 22nd at 7:00pm via ZOOM.

*** The January FARM club newsletter is now on-line! ***

  • The new FARM 2022 Calendar is now available.
  • Club member Ernie Padgette is looking for a club member with a 3D Resin Printer, willing to work on a project with him. If you have a 3D Resin Printer, and willing to help, please contact Ernie at epadgette@sprynet.com or at 703-244-7465.
  • The new FARM board for 2022 is available on the CONTACTS page.
  • Farm Club/NVRC member Don Szczur successfully netted the coveted most sought after gift at the NVRC Christmas gift scramble. His wife Beth flew off with the flying adult beverage wing. Cheers to the Szczur's.
  • Despite the havoc COVID-19 played with our lives and flying activities this year, FARM Club was able to complete five of the six Fun Day-Fun Fly events scheduled.

    Below are the final placements, point totals accumulated, and number of times each individual flew in the Fun Fly portion:
    Place        Name            Points      Times Flown
    1.         Vince Tabacco       79            5   
    2.         Dave Rothbart       70.5          5
    3.         Ernie Padgette      64            4
    4.         Ken Bassett         53            4
    5.         Nic Burhans         41            4
    6.         Doug Cash           33            3
    7.         Ralph Graul         26            2
    8.         Charlie Koustenis   23.5          2
    9.         Les Broaddus        18            2
    10.        Kwang Ko            14            1
    11.        Don Manson          10            1
    12.        Gene Flynn           9            watched 3 times
    13.5.      Bill Noel            6            watched 2 times
    13.5.      Dick Sutton          6            watched 2 times
    15.25.     John Gilbert         3            watched once
    15.25.     Lloyd Hinrichs       3            watched once   
    15.25.     Kirby Nelson         3            watched once
    15.25.     Randy Tavishati      3            watched once
    Thank you all for participating in this year's Fun Day-Fun Fly events.

    Be Safe
  • With the short notice cancellation of the Joint CMB-FARM Christmas Party due to a fire closing the Outback restaurant, we entered an annual awards presentation time warp/backlog. Yep, we were possibly forced into not awarding the Charlie Koustenis FARM Crash Remembrance Award for 2021.

    Charlie noted to President Dave that this was an intolerable situation that was going to force the FARM membership into trying to remember who had the most exasperating/laughable crash[s] during our 2021 flying season!

    Having been chided by Charlie, Dave sprang into action and found that the FARM Crash Remembrance Award was lurking in a dark spot at Bill Towne's house [the last official recipient] along with it's associated field Crash Repair box. It was arranged that Nic would pick up the two FARM Crash Remembrance Award items from Bill in yesterday's early morning hours to minimize visibility by Bill's neighbors [it was left outside on the front stoop to minimize facial recognition].

    Upon inventory of the crash repair box, it was noted that the supply of the revival miniature scotch bottles still had not been replenished by the multiple earlier recipients. Dave has taken this on for quality control [testing?] action.

    Having put our hands on the illustrious, and cherished, FARM Crash Remembrance Award, we now had to trap the 2021 recipient at an appropriate public location for the award presentation. Yesterday was that day at the FARM field. All we had to do was wait for the recipient to unsuspectingly show up. Around 1100 hours the FARM Crash Remembrance Award was presented for 2021 to the outstandingly deserving Paul LoChirco; after President Dave recounted Paul's regular crashes, multiple tree crashes [at FARM and NVRC fields – Paul always wants to make sure everyone has a good time], and his spectacular engine stop in mid air; low level hover crash. News
    To make sure that the 2021 achievement award to Paul was not forgotten, Dave and Charlie [a 2 time recipient] made sure that Paul publically signed the prized FARM trophy.
    Paul noted that he will keep the FARM Crash Remembrance Award in an appropriate spot at/in/around his house, monitor 2022 FARM crash operations, and be ready to appropriately pass on the award to the new FARM Crash King for 2022 at the proper moment.
    Congratulations to Paul!.
  • The FARM club Application and Renewal forms for 2022 are now avvailable.
  • Below is an updated picture of John Hutton's latest project: a Carl Goldberg Valkyrie. John has written an article (with construction pictures) on the history of the plane including details regarding its construction.
  • For immediate release, notice to Piedmont area UAS pilots.
    Reference : 38 deg., 27 min., 33 sec. north latitude; 77 deg., 53 min. 33 sec., west longitude as of 16 hours, 7 minutes Zulu, April 18th 2021.

    Please note as a model of determination and persistence that at the place sited and the time indicated, John Gilbert having flown numerous unassisted buddy box flights, did successfully complete, pass and otherwise accomplish his solo check flight on the pictured SIG Kadet. His instructor for this check flight notes his maneuvers and two take-offs and landings were uneventful. Well done, John! Q.E.D.

    P.S. there were several witnesses (Photo courtesy of Gordon Collyer).
  • Well, it's that time of year, again! The FARM crew consisted of the 'eight amigos'(plus Dave). Thanks to all for participating in the 2021 field day at Farm Club. You resurrected all three club mowers. An amazing job of team work, determination and grit was demonstrated to overcome a number of equipment issues. The field was rolled for the first time this year using the new club roller. Also, the brush in front of the pond ( at the insistence of Charlie K.) was collected and moved to the Rhynalds trash pile. (Photo courtesy of Don Manson).
  • Below is a picture of John Hutton's latest project: a Carl Goldberg Valkyrie. John has written an article (with construction pictures) on the history of the plane including details regarding its construction.
  • During our FARM Club meeting of Dec 22nd, Ralph G shared a look at his new Japanese Industry Standard Screwdriver set. For those who don't already know, those Philips style screws that our standard screwdirvers just don't seem to quite fit are actually Japanese screws that require special (for us) screwdrivers. These are really handy for when you need them (ask me how I know)! Picture (Courtesy of Ralph Graul).
  • Club member Gordon Collyer has shared with us a Write Up on the Electric Conversion of the Muddiman "Flying Machine". Gordon walks us through the steps necessary to do an electric conversion, build, and test fly the resulting machine. This is an excellent read and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  • John Hunton's remembrances of Tom Chipley.
  • Our FARM Club President received a $500.00 donation to Farm Club from Paul Waddell in the name of his daughter Virginia Waddell! Picture (Courtesy of Dave Rothbart).
  • One of the last good flying days in November of 2020: no wind and 76 degrees! Picture (Courtesy of Dave Rothbart).
  • We have a lot of different aircraft land at our field, but I think that this is a first! Picture (Courtesy of Dave Rothbart).
  • Don Szczur has provided us with a Recap of the F3A Team Interview.
  • The FARM 2020 FALL Pattern Classic was held on Sep 19th. The CD for the event was Nic Burhans. The pilots had to contend with rather brisk winds and chilly weather. But fear not, our intrepid pilots braved the elements and ended up actually having a good time. Don Szczur has provided an excellent detailed account (with pictures!) of the event.
  • No COVID-19 in this house! Thanks to Charlie for dis-infecting our Port-a-John. Picture (Courtesy of Dave Rothbart).
  • Well, the FARM 'Motley Crew' has been hard at work replacing our poor old weathered winsock. Thanks to Les, Nic, Charlie, Ernie, and Dave (taking picture) for their hard work.
  • Sunday (09/06/2020) was the Club's Fun Day – Fun Fly #6 (Yes, it was only the second one we have flown this year, but it was the sixth one in the scheduled sequence of six for the year). We had a good turnout! Les cooked some burgers and hot dogs. The funfly consisted of flying the Club Pattern sequence. Picture (Courtesy of Dave Rothbart).
  • If you are planning on (or thinking about) participating in the FARM Pattern Contest, it is requested that you pre-register on the NSRCA website. Click on FARM Pattern Contest for more info.
  • Sunday (07/12/2020) was the Club's Fun Day – Fun Fly #4 (Yes, it was the first one we have flown this year, but it was the fourth one in the scheduled sequence of six for the year). We had seven members who participated in the Fun Day and Fun Fly and received Fun Fly points. 1st place went to Ken Bassett, 2nd place to Ralph Graul, and 3rd place to Don Szczur!
    1st place - Ken Bassett (Photo courtesy of Ralph Graul)

    2nd place - Ralph Graul (Photo courtesy of Ralph Graul)

    3rd place - Don Szczur (Photo courtesy of Ralph Graul)
  • Here is Ralph G. on 05/16/2020 (Courtesy of Dave Rothbart) rolling our field. Here's hoping that we will be able to maximize our field usage in the very near future! Thanks for the hard work, Ralph. Remember folks, the field is open!
  • Well, it's that time of year, again! The FARM 'Mowing Crew' is preparing our mowers and equipment for the onslaught of the 2020 grass growing season. Thanks to Nic, Ernie, Bill, Charlie, Gordon, and Dave (taking picture) for their hard work.
  • At our February 25, 2020 meeting, Charlie Koustenis (our club engine expert), demonstrated how to disassemble an OS .91 4-stroke engine. He also explained how to set the timing marks properly. Picture (Courtesy of Jeff Killen).
  • Take a look at John Hunton's latest project! John is building a Vought V-173 'Flying Pancake'.
  • The mowing crew has transitioned from a fixed schedule to the use of SignupGenius. One of the advantages is that emails are sent out some days before so that it acts as a friendly reminder. If you can help with the mowing, sign up at Mowing Sched, above.
  • Don Szczur and Dave Rothbart are assisting in the construction of an RC trainer organized by EAA 186 Young Eagles. Picture (Courtesy of Dave Rothbart).
  • The first meeting of the New Year (2020) was held at the Warrenton Community Center. Ralph brought his new jet for some helpful suggestions on programming; and Duane brought his newly fabricated sailplane carrier. Picture (Courtesy of Dave Rothbart).
  • See you at the field...