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FARM Field

The FARM Float Fly #2 @ Lake Ritchie will be held on Sep 21st. CD: Nic Burhans. Click here for details.

New InfoThe August FARM club newsletter is now on-line! New Info

  • We had a pretty good turn-out for our last Learn to Fly & Picnic! There was a variable breeze but that didn't stop our intrepid pilots. We had all kinds of aircraft from small foam models to large pattern ships, and giant scale models. I even saw a Corsair out there! Bill & John cooked burgers & hotdogs. It was a good flying day: but aren't they all?
    (photo courtesy of Dave Rothbart)
  • Club member Joseph Szczur participated in the 2019 F3A RC Aerobatics World Championships in Italy. Don Szczur has posted an Update from Italy. Thanks, Don!
  • An example of Koustenis Aviation heavy lifting (courtesy of Dave Rothbart).

  • Another good turn-out for our Learn To Fly & Picnic event. Our event on August 4th was no exception with 19 participants. We did have some excitement as the following pictures demonstrate (Courtesy of Dave Rothbart).

    Pattern Contest
    Big turnout for July Fun Fly (19 total).

    Pattern Contest
    Leading competitors for the 'Crasher of the year' award !

    Pattern Contest
    Crasher handing Safety Officer club card for another black mark !

  • We have been having good turn-outs for our Learn To Fly & Picnic events. Our event on June 28 was no exception. Bright sunshine and no rain! Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure (Courtesy of John Barry).
  • The Spring FARM Pattern Contest was held on Fri, June 28th thru Sun, June 30th. The CD was Don Manson. Boy, was it hot! At least we didn't have any rain, as in previous years. Below are a couple of pictures from the event (courtesy of Dave Rothbart).

    Pattern Contest                  Pattern Contest
    My airplane seems to be missing...        My scores, my scores...

  • Check out Scott Huff's new FOR SALE item!
  • The Grumman TBF Avenger is an American torpedo bomber developed initially for the United States Navy and Marine Corps. John Hunton certainly captured the essence of this plane in his latest model.
  • The Grinch Christmas Award was finally presented to the Farm Club member most deserving of the title. Lloyd Hinrichs, our 2018/19 award winner has demonstrated the following quality characteristics deserving of this recognition: ba-humbug mentality to nearly everything, grizzly like facial appearance, malcontent, curmudgeon, cantankerous, hostile attitude to all things political and otherwise, just for starters. And yes, the award contains coal specifically mined from China for this award winner.
  • The 2019 Mowing Schedule is now available!
  • Well, Mother Nature may be playing havoc with getting our flying season started, but, our 'Motley Crew' has prepared our mowers and equipment for the onslaught of the 2019 grass growing season. Thanks to Bill, Les, Ernie, Dave, Ralph, John, Lloyd, and Charlie for the hard work.
  • Check out Ernie P.'s new F-16 electric ducted fan jet! The plane is a Flex Innovations FlexJet. Ernie says, " Other than needing a bit longer takeoff run than most of our planes, it flies very well. I made five flights, including the maiden, on Friday, 10/05/2018. And, it sounds great, with more of a roaring whoosh than a whine; much like its 1/1 counterpart. It makes a great first EDF; and I'd recommend the plane unreservedly."
  • Bob Burnett was the happy winner of the Fall Float Fly Grand Prize raffle event. The grand prize was a 1/6 scale Balsa USA Sopwith Pup kit. Congratulations, Bob!
  • Saturday, September 22nd with the help of the organizers and the cooking & kitchen help, we had another very successful FARM Float Fly event. Even the weather gave us a boost by being slightly overcast. Below is a picture of some of the action:
  • Due to weather events in the Culpeper area last Sunday (August 12th), the CMB Fall Classic Pattern contest was held at the FARM field on Aug 25 -26. Below is a picture of some of the action:
  • Nic Burhans has coordinated with the owner's use of the FARM field and received the FARM Club Board's approval to move the Culpeper pattern contest the ten (10) miles from the Barnstormers' Culpeper, VA field to the FARM field. The FARM field will be reserved for the CMB Pattern contest for 25 and 26 August with a setup/practice day on Friday, 24 August.
  • After days of heavy rain, the Farm field and pit area grass had grown substantially. Our two heroes (Les and Ernie) spent hours mowing and re-mowing the Farm field over two days. They then raked and disposed of the clumps of cuttings in front of the shelter area.
  • After three Learn To Fly & Picnic events had to be canceled because of Mother Nature, we finally got a break! July must be our lucky month. Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure (Courtesy of Dave Rothbart).
  • The Club Picnic & Float Fly #1 @ Lake Ritchie which was held on Saturday, June 23rd, was a success despite the threat of rain. Bill, Les & Scott did the cooking for this summers event. Thanks, guys!!!
  • Bill Towne & John Gilbert built this Ben Buckle old-timer kit this winter. The Majestic Major was converted to electric power and resulted in a very majestic flying machine which is fabric covered and trimmed in "period" colors. Bill and Dan Jones maidened the plane on Saturday, May 26 at Lenn Airpark. (courtesy of Gordon Collyer)
  • Check out Ernie Padgette's Wanted item.
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  • Be sure to check out the Area Events and Fun Fly schedules!
  • See you at the field...